Outsourced Sales Delivery

Maybe you're not comfortable with the idea of selling - plenty of people would rather focus on other aspects of their business.

Maybe you just need more heads to help with the launch of your new business or product, or to deal with a flurry of exhibition leads.

Or maybe you just need a trusted and knowledgeable professional who can step in at short notice and help in all sorts of ways. 

Wearing The Hat's Outsourced Sales Delivery service can provide just that - a skilled and experienced sales professional who will represent your business at sales meetings, presentations, demonstrations, exhibitions, etc.

Our chameleon approach, with business cards and email addresses in our consultant's name, results in a seamless interface with your customers and clients believing our consultant is a member of your team, giving credibility and the impression of a larger business should that be of benefit.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion of how our service can deliver more sales for you.