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"We will always be thankful to Wearing the Hat for helping us."

Symon Squires, Director, Contigo

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Copywriting and Proofing
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We pride ourselves on our use of English. 

That's not to say we use highfalutin words - though we would if it suited the target audience. 

No. We just have a knack for getting the point across professionally, interestingly, creatively.  With impact. 

As one client simply said when passing on his copy for our treatment: "Over to the wordsmith".

Please contact us for more details and our competitive rates.

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Yes you're right - that's a typo.  

You'd be surprised, or maybe not, how many typos appear on web pages and printed materials.  I've even seen them on sites offering proof reading services - genuine typos, not deliberate like the one above.  I'd better be extra careful on this site now I've said that!

It's easily done.  We get lazy these days using word processing tools like Microsoft Word that spot mistakes and even correct them automatically for us.  But most published items are not created with word processors.  A lot of web content is published with content management systems using a WYSIWYG editor like the one I am using now; it feels a bit like Word, but lives up to it's mantra - What You See Is What You Get, warts and all.

Happily, help is at hand.

We're the sort of people who spot typos without even looking - annoying sometimes, I know.  We spot most of the words in a wordsearch puzzle without even looking at the list.

I've rarely had a first meeting with a client without politely pointing out some errors I spotted on their website or other materials prior to our meeting.  It's sometimes a negative way to start a relationship, but I can't help myself!

Wearing The Hat offer proofreading at competitive rates, comprising correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Please submit an enquiry form to find out more.


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