Market Research

A hunch is all well and good, until it's time to follow it...

If there is low risk or low cost attached to a plan, then maybe you can take a flyer.  In some scenarios it may seem impractical to enter into the scale of research programme that might really be maybe you take a flyer.

Hunches and flyers can be hazardous to your wealth.

Risks are reduced by knowing as much as possible about the markets in which you operate, or propose to operate.  

Wearing The Hat can undertake various research projects for you.  We will gain a full understanding of your requirements, including why and how the research is significant to your plans, before carrying out the research and providing you with an informative report showing our findings and recommendations. 

Sometimes we embark on research as a result of identifying a need, or an information gap, during general consultancy work - clients often approach us to decide what they need to do next to move their business forward.  

Wearing The Hat can carry out desk, telephone or field research as appropriate, coordinating the activities of additional personnel where needed, to help you better understand your competitors, potential and actual customers, and other significant factors affecting your ability to sell in your chosen marketplace.

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