Ad-hoc Interim Management

Many small businesses do not have the full spectrum of expertise in-house. 

Often formed by technical professionals, or simply an entrepreneur with an interesting idea, it is not unusual for there to be nobody in the management team with a professional sales and marketing background.  

Recruitment may be appropriate, but also costly in the early days of business start-up, and the task will often fall to one of the existing management team or be juggled between everyone like a hot potato...

Traditional interim management would require considerable financial commitment, as the norm would be a full-time placement for three, six or even twelve months.

Wearing The Hat's ad-hoc interim management service provides an experienced sales and marketing professional who will understand and help shape your product or service offering.  Our consultant will be with you as little or often as appropriate to help move your business forward.

Please contact us via the enquiry form for a no obligation discussion of how Wearing The Hat can help you.