What is wearing the hat? Print

How many different hats do you wear when running and growing your business?
Quite a few.
Some of these will sit comfortably on your head, while some will not.
Sometimes you just need more heads.

Wearing The Hat is no ordinary consultancy.
We don't produce thick reports that clutter up your desk, with, if you're lucky, some clear pointers for the tasks you need to do - tasks which, if the particular hat is outside your comfort zone, you will not feel comfortable in undertaking.

We get involved.

Our consultant will dovetail with your existing business, getting to know it from the inside out.
Working to agreed objectives, we will design and implement processes, supervise or carry out tasks, and liaise with existing or new 3rd parties as appropriate to move your business forward, performing as a member of your team in the relevant function - wearing the hat.